Proven HR Solutions that Empower People to Love Their Jobs and Do Great Work.

Strategic human resources initiatives are critical to an organization’s success. As the relationship between employer and employee evolves, Gameplan HR™ provides solutions that elevate people over paperwork and help create amazing workplaces that employees love.

HROS™: A Strategic Approach to Human Resources that Promotes a Healthy Work Culture

It has been said that people don’t quit bad jobs, they quit bad situations. Multiple factors contribute to talent retention. CEOs must work with HR leadership to create a strategy that attracts top talent and provides the best employee experience.

Human resources play a crucial role in creating a healthy organizational culture that responds to issues like paid time off, sick leave, and flexible scheduling. However, today there are even more social issues that companies must address to create a culture in which employees feel valued and engaged such as:

  • Mental Health & Work/Life Balance
  • Inflation & Fair Compensation
  • Recruitment, Staffing, and Retention
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • Remote Work Options

Our Human Resources Operating System (HROS™) gives you the tools you need to implement a holistic gameplan that optimizes your organization’s HR strategy where both the employee and employer thrive.

HR Catalyst training on Human Resource Operating System HROS

Everything You Need to Create Strong and Sustainable HR Practices

HR Operating System (HROS)™

Gameplan HR™ created the Human Resources Operating System™ to help companies navigate rapidly changing HR policies and implement a leading-edge HR process to manage employee work experiences.

HR Catalyst

As a certified HR Catalyst™, you will be empowered to lead a company’s executive team and HR department by using HROS™ to teach the 27 Disciplines™ and facilitate best practices for talent acquisition, organizational design, workplace health and more.

HR Connection

A complimentary, members-only peer-network of HR leadership professionals from multiple industries. Share resources, tips, tactics, best practices and more in a “safe-space” available to members of this virtual community.

HR Velocity™

A master program for HR professionals with a structured curriculum that enables behavioral shifts, sustainable change, peer support, and provides practical tools to strengthen your leadership skills and boost your organization’s HR strategy.

HR department that just became licenced HR Catalysts

Adding Value to Your Team, Add to Your Bottom Line

A strong culture encourages employee engagement and passion.

HR departments who are constantly hiring and terminating positions have no time to work on creating a better culture for your team or improving important policies.

Companies that optimize their HR strategy enjoy the benefits of highly engaged employees, productive teams, and a higher retention rate. HR representatives at these companies can free up more time to invest in the company and its people at a deeper level.

We help organizations like yours create happy and thriving workplaces that generate stronger business results by using our proprietary HR Operating System™, HR Catalyst Academy™, and the HR Connection Network.

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