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Human Resources Operating System (HROS™)

Create a healthy employee culture that supports, recognizes, and celebrates growth while building effective teams.

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Increase Employee Passion
and Engagement

Enhance Company Culture
and Productivity

Attract and Retain
Quality Employees

You Need a System, Not Just Software

Many companies are focused on the administrative role of HR, neglecting the strategic planning necessary to ensure the health and growth of the organization.

HROS™ is a complete HR system that utilizes education, strategy, accountability, and current trends to help you gain an advantage. A healthy HR Operating System™ leads to a situation where both employees and employers thrive.

HROS Training

What Does a Complete HR Operating System™ Look Like?

We work with organizations to create a custom game plan to optimize your HR strategy.

Using our curriculum-based model, you will complete detailed training on how to run your companies better through a people focused strategy.

This process improves your company culture and earns your organization our HROS™ Certification.

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How It Works

Success starts with HR. When we build your custom HROS™, we walk with you through a process of discovery and implementation that ensures your employees are valued and your financial goals respected.

We Start on the Same Page

Including an organization’s executive team in the HROS™ process is critical. Buy-in and participation from senior leadership provides organizational support, leverages resources, and raises the level of accountability to ensure success.

Our HR Catalysts™ lead your senior team and HR department in full-day strategic planning sessions to map out the three-year vision, one-year plan and quarterly priorities. The HR Catalyst™ will conduct monthly check-ins and connect with your team every quarter for full-day sessions to provide tools, training, support and ensure accountability.

We Build Around Best Practices

At the core of HROS™ are the 27 Disciplines™, our “best practice” elements for any leading HR team and organization. The 27 Disciplines™ cover a range of issues like talent acquisition, workforce planning, organizational design, coaching, workplace health and fair compensation.

Through a series of workshops and one-on-one sessions, our HR Catalysts™ will deliver learning modules based on the 27 Disciplines™, lending structure to an organization’s larger HR vision.

HR Catalyst trains employee on using an HR Operating System

We Hire with a Higher Purpose

Attraction and retention are key in today’s competitive workplace, creating stability and skill within an organization’s structure. Studies highlight a need for holistic work environments that are both rewarding and responsive – it is critical to prioritize elements like clear roles, work-life balance, and mental wellness programming.

HROS™ is a system with a clear process for defining these elements clearly so that employees and employers understand expectations up-front, lowering the possibility of miscommunication.

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