Group HR Catalyst Academy™ training

HR Catalyst Academy

Become a certified HR Catalyst™ and gain the tools and resources necessary to help companies become great places to work.

Change the Face of Human Resources

Employees today are looking for more than a good salary and benefits. They are searching for a culture that fits with their values and desired lifestyle.

HR Catalysts™ gain the tools to help companies create a people-first culture through HR best practices. They lead a company’s executive team and HR department to map out the organization’s three-year vision, one-year plan, quarterly priorities while implementing the Human Resources Operating System™.

HR Catalysts in a human resource meeting

What is the HR Catalyst Academy™?

We work with strategic and forward-thinking HR leaders and executives to deliver a curriculum and a repeatable process focused on human resources systems and management. As a certified HR Catalyst™, many work with our Gameplan HR™ clients to improve their systems and other catalysts have even started their own independent HR practice.

Lead Generation and Recruitment Tools for Clients

Curriculum and Opportunity for Running Your Own HR Practice

Gameplan HR™ HROS™ certification to use with Your Clients

Get the tools you need to help companies enhance their culture and increase productivity.

Become a Catalyst for Change

Ready to start an HR business of your own? Or do you want to be trained on how to grow your existing business? The HR Catalyst Academy™ prepares individuals to run a successful HR practice based on our HROS™.

An HR Corporate Catalyst

HR Corporate Catalyst™

A certified HR Catalyst™ works closely with our clients to create amazing workplace environments for employees through the HR Operating System™, our 27 Disciplines™, and HR best practices. You’ll learn HR leadership skills from some of the very best, joining a larger network of HR professionals as one of our team. Gain access to:

  • Freelancing/fractional opportunities
  • Lead generation
  • HR-in-a-box
  • Different levels of service options
  • Sales training

Independent Catalyst™

As an Independent Catalyst™, you’ll become a fully certified HR Catalyst™ ready to find your own leads. Independent Catalysts™ have access to what they need to help companies create more effective HR systems that enhance their culture and increase productivity. You’ll get:

  • HROS™ access (with monthly licensing agreement fee)
  • HR-in-a-box
  • Sales training for building your client base
An Independent fully licensed HR Catalyst

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